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Management Consulting

At TS Management & IT Consulting, we partner with you to drive organizational excellence, leveraging our hands-on expertise and tailored services.
Benefit from our comprehensive suite of services including strategic planning, program management, process improvement, and market research support, all designed to propel your growth and maximize profitability.
With over 30 years of experience in global business, we deliver practical approaches and solutions honed through real-world challenges, ensuring sustainable growth and enhanced profitability for our clients.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management can be complicated by various factors, such as recent challenges in Logistics, globalization, volatile customer demands, and an increase in product complexity.
We offer support and partnership to apply strategies and tools to overcome these challenges with automation solution that can streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. Moreover, using our expertise to moderate Workshops with clients to identify SC risk potential areas and develop joint mitigation plans.
Our IT solutions consultants have been successfully supporting our clients with data analytics to provide insights into supply chain performance, faster and reliable decision making, identify potential issues, and optimize processes.

Program Management

Program management encompasses a multitude of challenges, ranging from strategic alignment to operational execution. Is your IT or Business program under performance or facing challenges?

Analytics and Data Insights

We combine Business Intelligence strategy with innovative technologies to build reliable analytics solutions for effecioent business scenarion decisions. Analytics solutions must characterize single version of truth, provide data insights and establish for business scale. Customer centercity can only guarnteed when using innovative analytics solutions.


Developing a successful Business Intelligence Solution involves more than just designing and developing Data Models, Reports, and Dashboards.

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Why choose us?We are dedicated to providing exceptional consulting services tailored to your specific needs.

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