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What is MS Power BI?

MS Power BI is an integrated suite of software services, applications, and connectors designed to consolidate data from diverse sources into cohesive, visually compelling, and interactive insights.

MS Power BI Key Elements

  • BI Desktop

    A windows desk to connect, transform and visualize data from multiple sources.

  • Cloud Services

    Consume and interact with reports and visual elements.

  • Mobile App

    Access and view reports and dashboards from any mobile device.

MS Power BI Architecture

Microsoft Power BI architecture contains multiple data sources, services, report server and data delivery model. The MS Power Bi architecture as a service established on the Azure cloud. MS power BI components are: 

Data Sources
Data Ingestion
Big data / data preparation
Data Warehouse
BI semantic models

Our BI Services


A BI Workshop is necessary to identify key Business Intelligence objectives and challenges to provide guidance for the entire organization.The key objectives of a BI Workshop:

Reporting challenges exploration.
Reporting and Analytics principles.
Models and Functions
Visualization and performance.


We help our customers from designing the BI roadmap to build state-of-the-art solutions based on valueable use cases. 

Reporting and Analytics Strategy Roadmap
Integrative Reporting Services
Authorization & Governance


We build scalable BI Reports and Dashboards to support a single vesion of truth, provide insights and support agile business environment.

Dashboard Development.
Mobile Applications
End-2-End Analytics
Integrative Reporting.


Data Insights

Enable User to tranform row data into meaningfull data with insights. A strong data integration, tranformation, vizualization and collaboration capabilities enable deep insight into data.

AI and ML Useability

Power BI incorporates AI capabilities, including natural language processing and machine learning models, to enhance data analysis. With features like Power BI Q&A, users can ask questions about their data in natural language and receive instant answers in the form of visualizations.

Self-Service BI

Power BI's Q&A feature allows users to ask questions in natural language and receive answers in the form of visualizations, making data exploration accessible even to those without deep technical knowledge.
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