ENHANCING TRANSPARENCY IN SUPPLY CHAIN IoTIoT leverage sensors and connected devices for Realtimen monitoring of inventory, equipments and shipments. By IoT into supply chain operations, Business can gain unprecedented visbility and control over their assets and processes. Block ChainBlockchain technology in the supply chain sector offers enhanced transparency and traceability, empowering stakeholders to monitor the […]
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Augmented Analytics

Augmented Analytics Augmented Analytics employs AI and machine learning (ML) to enrich and automate data analysis and business intelligence. By facilitating the discovery of insights, report generation, and data-driven decision-making, it extends accessibility to a broader user base, irrespective of their technical proficiency. Augmented Analytics endeavors to span the divide separating raw data and insightful […]
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Unlock the full potential of your enterprise data with SAP Datasphere Catalog

By now you would have heard about the launch of SAP Datasphere, a business data fabric architecture that uniquely harmonizes mission-critical data throughout the organization. It brings together previously discrete capabilities for providing a unified, integrated, and intelligent end-to-end data platform coupled with an open data ecosystem. Source: SAP SE Please Enter Your Email ID Email ID Submit
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